Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)Is it an inevitability that horror franchises trend towards soft-core porn the longer they run? Probably not – Nightmare on Elm Street found its way to bad puns while Friday the 13th travelled to New York, Hell and, eventually, outer space. It’s certainly the case with the Wrong Turn series, which began as gory-hillbilly-survival-horror, took a zig into glorious gonzo before zagging back into crude, lowest-common-denominator exploitation.

It’s stayed in that mode since, and though there were glimmers of greatness – flashbacks in Wrong Turn 4, Doug Bradley in Bloodlines – I’m only along for the ride out of a sense of obligation. Number 6, titled Last Resort, doesn’t reward any such loyalty. It’s the cheapest looking so far: the gore, special effects and makeup look mediocre, and it’s telling that not only did Bradley not return, neither did most of the actors playing the hillbilly murderers.

What it does have to offer is tits – the sex scenes, for once, outnumber the kills – and a clumsy rip-off of last year’s Texas Chainsaw’s hereditary ‘twist’ that makes even less sense than it did in that film. If you’re looking for a horror movie for Halloween this year, this film’s title couldn’t be more fitting.

1 star

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