Radiohead Concert – Boondall Entertainment Centre, Brisbane (9 November 2012)

I still haven’t accepted the fact that holy shit I just saw Radiohead. I’d accepted long ago that it just wasn’t going to happen, that the band would retire before ever coming to Australia again, so I feel a bit blessed to have actually been able to pick up tickets (at retail, even!).

Boondall Entertainment Centre is a huge venue, and Radiohead brought an impressive stage show to match it, with a host of screens suspended above the stage, shifting position for each song and alternating between fractal slices of the band’s performance or appropriate footage. As impressive as it was, I would have loved a smaller venue – not all of Radiohead’s songs are suited to a stadium rock atmosphere.

The set skewed towards more recent songs. I can’t do it justice in two hundred words, but the highlights for me were:

–          A skittery performance of “Feral”

–          Amnesiac ‘s “You and Whose Army” and “Pyramid Song” (Goosebumps!)

–          An improvisational, astounding performance of “Everything in Its Right Place” that gradually morphed into a searing rendition of my favourite Radiohad song, “Idioteque.”

The show went for over two hours, and I would have happily stayed for twice that. Magnificent.

6 thoughts on “Radiohead Concert – Boondall Entertainment Centre, Brisbane (9 November 2012)

  1. (This post is testament to the difficulties of relying on Microsoft Word for word counts – apparently those dot points were counted as words)

  2. Fatima and I really enjoyed it Live they sound really pimped up compared to their albums Cool to see Anthem played without horns Loved the drumming on There There Great show and very different to their last gig in bne at festival hall I really wanted to see Dollars and Cents but have learned just let them play what they want They will entertain and amaze

  3. Yeah I would have loved to hear any of “Fake Plastic Trees” (or basically anything from The Bends aside from “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”), “Karma Police,” “2 + 2 = 5” and a bunch of songs I’m probably forgetting, but I have no complaints! King of Limbs didn’t do a whole lot for me as an album (though it wasn’t bad) but a lot of the songs worked a lot better live – particularly the aforementioned “Feral” and “Good Morning Mr Magpie”

  4. Yes! The drumming throughout “There There” was just incredible, it was that unsettling low pounding that gets in your chest and sucks you right in the belly of the song.
    Besides that, my highlights also included “Pyramid Song” & “Everything in its Right Place”, as well as “Give Up The Ghost” (a song I’d previously not held in high regard) and the haywire moments of “Paranoid Android”, which really made the most of the visuals.
    “15 Step” was probably the absolute high point for me. I thought the staging was amazing, the screens bearing down upon the band like storm clouds. Absolutely spectacular.

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