Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012)

The fifth film in the Wrong Turn series changes setting again, moving from a mental hospital in the Bloody Beginnings to a small town in the middle of a music festival. Bloodlines introduces a genuine antagonist –named Maynard – with substantially more intelligence than the gibbering inbred psychopaths rampaging through the earlier films (though they’re here too). Maynard’s trapped behind bars for the majority of the film, but carries a quiet sense of menace much scarier than the cackling hillbillies – no surprise, given he’s played by Doug Bradley, best known for playing Pinhead in Hellraiser.

Doug Bradley as Maynard. Creepy, right?

Doug Bradley as Maynard. Creepy, right?

It also feels more like an exploitation film – earlier sequels had some token nudity to satisfy teenage boys, whereas this film has difficulty going twenty minutes before busting out some (totally gratuitous) boobs. There’s a continued drive to find new ways to portray violence, torture and mutilation – I guess everyone needs a creative outlet! All that aside, there’s a return to the intelligent protagonists of Wrong Turn, with characters acting logically in trying circumstances …at least for a while.

Bloodlines turns out to be the strongest film in the franchise since Dead End, purely thanks to Bradley’s commanding, creepily charismatic performance and a remarkably grim ending.

Rating: 116/200

4 thoughts on “Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012)

    • Yeah, I looked at your review and we do seem to! It’s hardly a great film, but it’s better than number 5 in a horror series needs to be. I still wish that the later sequels had been on par with the irreverent/fun take of Dead End; numbers 3-5 feel mean-spirited in parts, like the makers of the film have spent a littttle too much time thinking up clever ways to mutilate people. But it works at times; I was surprised at how chilling the end of this film was!

      • Oh yeah, I mean the main differences are tricky to say as I don’t want to spoil anything fro your readers, but definitely mean spirited sums it up well! Very dark ending to 5, think thats why I liked it and it surprised me so much!

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