Hot Chip, The Tivoli, Brisbane, 6 January 2013

Hot Chip

The best live shows are born of either professionalism (which tends to go hand-in-hand with competent musicianship) or, more often, enthusiasm, a group or artist obviously enjoying themselves on stage. Last night’s performance by Hot Chip had both professionalism and enthusiasm in spades. It also featured the lost art of careful setlist structuring (ie. not playing all the big singles at the end) and the best use of simple lighting (just strobes and colours) I’ve yet seen. It didn’t hurt that it was at the Tivoli, Brisbane’s best venue for live music.

Highlights (there were many):

–          “One Life Stand” was always going to be spectacular, and it was, passing the “goosebumps” test that defines amazing performances.

–          An ascendant, jovial rendition of “Over and Over” that had the whole crowd dancing (cleverly followed by the quieter “Look at Where We Are” to give everyone a break).

–          A gentle, soulful take on “Ready for the Floor”

–          Every song from their latest album, In Our Heads, was fantastic, particularly “Night and Day” (though “Motion Sickness” sadly wasn’t played).

–          The last two tracks – “I Feel Better” and “Let Me Be Him” – were glorious and celebratory, almost a gospel performance.

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