Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (2009)

This entry in the Wrong Turn series is the weakest so far. It follows a group of escaped prison inmates (plus supporting ‘victims’ – prison guards, police and a civilian). Like Wrong Turn 2, it features really clumsy introductory dialogue establishing these characters’ personalities; unlike Wrong Turn 2, you don’t get the sense that anyone making this film was having any fun.

Prisoners means a male-heavy cast, and apparently the filmmakers used this as an excuse to suffuse the film with misogyny – because, they’re criminals, see, so of course they hate women! The misogynist vibe carries throughout the rest of the film, with girls taking their tops off and getting dialogue like “Do you think I’m a slut?” – the ones that don’t get stripped naked and encased in barbed wire, anyway.

Wrong Turn 3: Women in bikinis

Women of Wrong Turn 3: Of course they’re in bikinis

The film’s low budget is front-and-centre, with awful CGI special effects and shitty looking rear-projection in driving scenes.

Alongside The Hills Have Eyes II (2007), it proves that arming the protagonists in a horror movie doesn’t make for a better movie, it just reduces tension and increases boredom (this was about the longest 90 minute film I’ve watched). It’s not helped by an insipid narrative and an awful, awful ending.

Rating: 40/200

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