Lifeforce (1985)

Mathilda May naked in Lifeforce (1985)

I watched Lifeforce with high expectations. After all, it’s a sci-fi/horror B-movie written by the director of Return of the Living Dead, from the director of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and adapted from a novel called … Space Vampires.

But the first hour of the film lowered those expectations dramatically. Sure, there’s a gorgeous, completely naked Mathilda May as “Space Girl” wreaking havoc on a government facility, but the bulk of the first hour is drab and boring, filled with stilted, dimly-lit conversations between British government officials (all shot with an unnecessary fish-eye wide-angle lens) and some action revolving around zombie-vampires. The latter falls flat, coming across oddly muted, without personality or excitement.

My lowered expectations were perfect for the last, totally insane hour. The film, which spend its first half looking inward (and at May’s impressive breasts) wanders outside into a London overrun with shambling zombie-vampires. We go from staid conversations to blood flow solidifying into a woman, Patrick Stewart screaming madly, a gigantic bat creature and a naked astronaut screaming “WHAT ARE THESE FEELINGS?” while embracing an intergalactic vampiress.

If you enjoy B-movies, you’ll love the last hour of Lifeforce – provided you have the patience to get that far.

Rating: 109/200

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    • It’s a bit like that, isn’t it? “Sorry our movie is so uneventful so far, here’s some boobs.”

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