Captain America - The Winter Soldier

Review Roundup – The Winter Soldier

Just one review for today: Captain America: The Winter Soldier over at Cheated Hearts. A good film, but one that disappointingly suggests it’s going to reinvigorate the increasingly tired Marvel formula before embracing it wholesale. Worth watching, but nothing special.

Aaron Paul in Need for Speed (2014)

Review Roundup – Eco- and Auto-Warriors

Yet again, here’s some write-ups to spruik! Rise of the Eco-Warriors is an Australian documentary about deforestation. I had the chance to interview its director Cathy Henkel for the 500 Club, and also wrote a review of the film. Another film being released today is Need for Speed, which is about as disappointing as you…

300 Rise of an Empire - Eva Green topless

Review Roundup – Films on Boats

Robert Redford gets lost in a dense sea of symbolism in All is Lost. My review of this impressive, if monotonous, film can be found at Cheated Hearts. 300: Rise of an Empire is more interested in 3D sprays of blood and conflicts – between fleets of ships and Eva Green/Sullivan Stapleton alike. My review…

John Jarratt in Wolf Creek 2

Review Roundup – Into the Outback

Two more pieces of writing on other websites to spruik: I found Wolf Creek 2 an interesting film; it’s marketed as a gritty horror film, a successor to its (quite brutal) predecessor, but there’s a lot of intelligence beneath its bloody surface, a satire of Australian xenophobia amongst other things. It’s also a pretty entertaining…

Kevin Kline and Romany Malco in Last Vegas (2013)

Review Roundup – The Past & the Last

A pair of reviews to share… The first is of the dismal Last Vegas; a bad film, but I hopefully managed to salvage an entertaining review out of its mediocrity. My write-up can be found at Cheated Hearts. Second is for The Past, the follow-up from the director of 2011’s excellent A Separation. A much…