Review Roundup – Eco- and Auto-Warriors

Aaron Paul in Need for Speed (2014)

Yet again, here’s some write-ups to spruik!

Rise of the Eco-Warriors is an Australian documentary about deforestation. I had the chance to interview its director Cathy Henkel for the 500 Club, and also wrote a review of the film.

Another film being released today is Need for Speed, which is about as disappointing as you would expect. My review is posted at the 500 Club.

Rise of the Eco-Warriors Rating:2.5 starsNeed for Speed Rating:
1.5 stars

One thought on “Review Roundup – Eco- and Auto-Warriors

  1. The documentary sounds at least watchable, if only for its informative qualities. (Good work remaining so objective in the review, even after interviewing its director, by the way.)

    Need for Speed sounds like, well, like what I expected it to be – utter rubbish. I hope Aaron Paul starts getting/picking some better roles.

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