Review Roundup – Into the Outback

John Jarratt in Wolf Creek 2

Two more pieces of writing on other websites to spruik:

I found Wolf Creek 2 an interesting film; it’s marketed as a gritty horror film, a successor to its (quite brutal) predecessor, but there’s a lot of intelligence beneath its bloody surface, a satire of Australian xenophobia amongst other things. It’s also a pretty entertaining film, an absurd black comedy as often as it is a horror flick. My full review can be found over at Cheated Hearts.

In a very different take on the Australian outback, I had the chance at the 500 Club to interview John Curran, the director of the beautiful, poetic film Tracks, which tells the tale of a young woman’s journey from the centre of Australia to its end. It was my first opportunity to write up a film interview (like a proper film writer or something!) and I think it went okay (though the spots of awkwardness in the interview have, of course, been culled).

6 thoughts on “Review Roundup – Into the Outback

  1. Both are good reviews, as always. And the second is definitely right and proper. 🙂

    They also both sound like good movies. Do you know if either has international distribution?

    • Haha, it wasn’t anything too interesting. As it was only my second interview ever – and my first one through a publicity company with some other guy coordinating the phone call – I got a little flustered at the beginning and jumped right into the questions without any kind of introduction or whatever. I think it ended up okay 🙂

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