Review Roundup – The Past & the Last

Kevin Kline and Romany Malco in Last Vegas (2013)

A pair of reviews to share…

The first is of the dismal Last Vegas; a bad film, but I hopefully managed to salvage an entertaining review out of its mediocrity. My write-up can be found at Cheated Hearts.

Second is for The Past, the follow-up from the director of 2011’s excellent A Separation. A much better film; my thoughts are up at The 500 Club.

The Past Rating:
3.5 stars
Last Vegas Rating:
1 star

5 thoughts on “Review Roundup – The Past & the Last

  1. I’m not getting the first link to work, but I can tell by the score that I didn’t dislike Last Vegas as much as you do.

    Your review of The Past is very good. You make it sound like the sort of flick I’d appreciate. I need to see it.

    • Not sure what happened with the Last Vegas link; it should be working now. I disliked it as much as I did for philosophical reasons as much as anything else (Kline and Freeman weren’t bad), which I explain in the review.

      Thanks re: The Past review. It’s a good film – maybe not great, but it’s very clear in what it wants to be and, I think, succeeds in all its goals.

  2. It seems like it was a good move to ignore Last Vegas, that is an awful score. So it was made to drag hordes to Vegas for the weekend, and is low on laughs, why am I not surprised?

    • There are some laughs, but – aside from the occasional batch of good banter between Freeman and Kline – they’re all obvious, lazy and easy to see coming a mile away. It’s too safe and never surprising, which was the only way a blatant feature length commercial like this could have worked.

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