ccpopculture’s First Birthday!

Birthday CupcakeOne year ago today, I began this blog with a handful of two-hundred word posts (about an Alfred Hitchcock film, the Big Brother finale and a Radiohead concert). At the time I had no idea if I’d still be banging away a year, or even a month later. The idea to set up a blog restricted to two-hundred word posts was motivated by the need to bother someone other than my friends with my thoughts on pop culture. The word limit was envisaged as a “gimmick” to try and distinguish myself from the countless other television/film/music blogs online, and also to restrain my inherent loquaciousness. I’d tried to write from time-to-time beforehand, but always found my ideas growing and growing to unwieldy lengths before being discarded entirely.

Over that year, a lot of things have changed. After my first two hundred posts, I’m no longer entirely restricted to two-hundred words – branching out with Extended Cut, Commentary and Double Feature has allowed for lengthier articles. The blog is no longer called Carbon Copy, but carries the (hopefully catchier) moniker of ccpopculture. I’ve pretty much give up on writing about videogames, with my television and film writing the main focus nowadays. I’d also like to think that my writing has matured over the last 365 days, though I’m well aware I still have plenty of room for improvement.

When I realised that I both really enjoyed blogging and could actually commit time to the enterprise, I set myself a few goals to reach in my first year – try to get 200 followers, 100,000 page views and 365 posts (one per day, natch). I’ve fallen short in all three categories, unfortunately, but I’ve had a good try at each, getting to 140 followers, 75,000-odd page views and 352 posts, which I’m still pretty happy with (especially given a couple months in I had essentially no followers and just over a thousand page views). From my WordPress followers, the most popular posts seem to revolve around horror movies, but a lot of my overall hits come from television coverage – which explains why I keep plugging away it despite the dearth of likes/comments!

With one whole year of writing under my belt, you might notice a few changes around here – I’ve forked out some dosh to the WordPress folks to get the domain (begone, pesky .wordpress!) and I’ve also fiddled around with the fonts and colours a bit to get the site a little more appealing to the eye. I hope you like the changes. I’m also planning on focusing on trying to improve the quality of my posts, which might mean more lengthy posts (so that I can expand on otherwise undeveloped ideas) and fewer posts – since posting at nearly a post-a-day makes it hard to maintain the kind of quality I’m aiming for when I also have a full-time career as a teacher which involves plenty of marking/preparation.

So, hang around a little – don’t worry if you haven’t bought a present! Read some posts (I think my review of Splendour in the Grass is the post I’m proudest of), let me know what you think of the new look, try some cake while you’re at it.

14 thoughts on “ccpopculture’s First Birthday!

  1. Happy birthday!!! 🙂 Mine is coming up on, um… The 26th, I think. I’ll have to put a post together. Congrats, dude – especially on the views! How did you manage that?! Lol! (No, seriously – I’m at like 26,000. How embarrassing! I clearly suck at this). Keep up the great work. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’ll keep an eye out for your birthday post 🙂

      Not sure on the views – a lot of my non-follower views come on my TV writing, especially on the less widely-reviewed shows like Please Like Me or Spartacus.

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