Frozen (2013)

You may have noticed my blog posting slackening a little after ccpopculture’s “first birthday.” Partly this is explained by the time of year, as I’ve just finished up school for the year, which meant lots of marking and reporting and limited time to blog. It’s because I’ve posted an increasing number of Extended Cut posts at the expense of shorter posts, as I’m trying to emphasise quality over quantity. It’s also explained by a revised focus for my writing; having been blogging for over a year now, I’ve set my goals beyond the confines of ccpopculture.  It’s also a reflection of my writing moving beyond ccpopculture. I’ve already (re)posted a couple reviews over at Cheated Hearts, and my first review at The 500 Club just went up today.

So my posts here will likely decrease in frequency due to my commitments on other websites, but I do plan on continuing to share my review on other sites here. Still unsure if I should post every time a review goes up or do a weekly round-up – any thoughts are appreciated! – but for now, check out my review of Frozen and let me know what you think (here or there!)

Frozen Rating: 111/200

4 thoughts on “Frozen (2013)

  1. Good review Dave. It’s a charming little movie that’s made to make the kiddies happy, but will probably work just as well for any adult who’s been longing for a really good Disney movie, for a really long time. As have I, hence why I enjoyed it.

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