Birdlesque, Bird Gallery and Studio, Brisbane City (9 November 2013)

Birdlesque saw its debut this Saturday as a showcase for budding burlesque starlets. The event was nestled out the back of a secluded laneway in the middle of Brisbane city in the Bird Gallery and Studio – a charming, distinctive venue.

Birdlesque performers

Birdlesque performers, 9/11/2013. (L-R) Night Temptress, Margerite LeDesire, Tina Joy, Melody BonBon, Delle L’Amour, Betty Lovecat

First up was Melody Bonbon, whose iridescent gown reflected her colourful, playful performance, featuring plenty of audience interaction. Night Temptress followed her with an Underbelly-inspired feather boa routine, elegant and alluring. The first act concluded with a joyous, mischievous striptease from Betty Lovecat (described as “all sass, all ass”). Her captivating fan-dance was scored by Tim Armstrong’s “She’s Drunk All the Time” and fittingly incorporated sneaky flasks of grog.

The second act kicked off with the feminine felinity of Margerite LeDesire. Gorgeous and lithe, she demonstrated clear talent but seemed somewhat nervous; less an imposing jaguar than an uncertain pussycat. The night concluded with the two brightest acts: Delle L’Amour with an intoxicating, graceful parasol dance (with some assistance from her partner, who I’m pretty sure was the “best job in the world” guy), followed by the sexy, sophisticated (not to mention beautiful and buxom) seductress Tina Joy, whose vibrant personality shone through in a sensuous display charged with eroticism.

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