The Collection (2012)

Emma Fitzpatrick in The Collection

Horror sequels make a habit of ramping things up to the point of ridiculousness: compare the simplicity of Wrong Turn to the excess of its sequel, or how Prom Night shifts from a garden-variety slasher to a supernatural romp. The Collection is a sequel to the almost-plausible The Collector, which began by carefully establishing character and stakes, and instead begins with a whirring blade casually eviscerating hundreds of party-goers.

This escalation isn’t necessarily a bad thing! Both the Wrong Turn and Prom Night series are actually at their strongest in the excessive ludicrousness of their second films: mostly thanks to their wholehearted embrace of a comedic tone. The occasional bout of dark humour aside, The Collection does no such thing, keeping a grim, overly serious mood as it explores a world where “The Collector” – basically the Batman of torture – has killed dozens, owns a warehouse filled with innumerate traps and dozens of freaking zombies (really).

Aside from fountains of (occasionally inventive) gore, there’s little to recommend The Collection (though it might make a good drinking game). The plotting and cinematography are equally incoherent; it feels like we’re about ten rewrites and a good twist away from a decent storyline. Disappointing.

Rating: 30/200

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