Underbelly: Squizzy – “Squizzy Breaks Some Hearts” (Episode 4)

One of the big hooks of the Underbelly series is that it depicts, with some degree of veracity, real crime events from Australia’s history. The drawback to this selling point is that the show can often feel like it’s merely ticking off sufficiently interesting occurrences without having to bother with questions like “How does this advance character? Or why is this interesting?”

Such is the case in the latest episode of Squizzy. There’s promising stuff in this episode – I liked Detective Bruce’s storyline, which elevated a clichéd “good cop in a corrupt system” plot by justifying Bruce’s actions with a well-composed war backstory, and Squizzy hooking up with Annie Stokes promises to bear interesting fruit in the future. But these are surrounded by bland mush, like yet another “sabotage a trial” plot, including some clumsily executed attempts to tut-tut the bigotry of the past.

The foundation of Squizzy remains fundamentally unsound; “Squizzy Breaks Some Hearts” gave Daperis a chance to show off some acting chops in the final moments, and the awkward editing emphasised how resoundingly he failed – note how little dialogue we actually see. The show’s low budget is also becoming increasingly obvious thanks to some unconvincing CGI explosions.

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