Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1992)

Prom Night III may have been an average film, not as clever or funny as it thought it was, but at least it was clear that the producers had a good time making it. There’s no such vibe here, with this third sequel coming across a cheap cash-in (or possibly a rough adaptation of an unrelated screenplay).

There’s little to connect Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil to rest of the series – a brief flashback that coincides with Prom Night II’s flashback, a “toast to Jamie Lee-Curtis” – but unlike the earlier change in tone which provided the opportunity to explore nightmarish supernatural imagery, here we get to …spend a bunch of time in darkened churches. While the finale occurs on prom night, it’s spent at an abandoned monastery (now a holiday home) while a deranged priest stalks the teenagers within.

The film seems like it wants to be kind of sexy in a sleazy way, but despite some attractive actors, the ‘90s aesthetic and ridiculous soundtrack ensures that laughable rather than erotic. There’s little to recommend here: the story is wafer-thin, and the attempts at being “scary” boil down to little more than clichéd POV shots with heavy breathing.

Rating: 63/200

5 thoughts on “Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1992)

    • Haha, I understand the impulse! I knew it wasn’t going to be anything special going in, but after you’ve seen the first three…

  1. I just finished this one – I kind of liked it but that me because I just watched the stupid third one yesterday. Not brilliant, but better than that one IMO.

    • Hmm, I thought the third one at least had some silly charm in there, but this one was just a drag for me! The kind of film with so little plot/character development that it really needed those horror cliches of lots of blood and boobs to keep my interest!

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