Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990)

“What relationship? You kill them; I bury them in the football field! This is not your basic boy-meets-girl!”

The gradual shift of the Prom Night series into Nightmare on Elm Street is complete here; Mary Lou even comes complete with retractable blade-nails. Except this time she murders not to avenge her unjust death (Prom Night II) but to serve as a guardian angel for her new boyfriend, the handsome but spineless Alex (Tim Conlon). She slaughters her way through any teachers who might stand in the way of Alex qualifying for med school: his exasperated, almost-amused reaction might as well be Bob Saget scolding his kids on Full House.

Prom Night 3

Stephanie, what have you done THIS time?

This second sequel makes its mission statement clear early, as the principal announces that the new gymnasium opening will “put to rest all those ghosts … the mysterious earth tremors! The vanishing students…these are all in the past!” before lopping off his own finger. There’s an astoundingly silly tone across the running time. I don’t mind the silliness (even if it’s not as funny as it thinks it is) but with few sympathetic characters there isn’t much narrative tension to undercut the goofy humour, and the film fails to maintain interest.

Rating: 87/200

5 thoughts on “Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990)

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    • It’s not as good as II (which was definitely the highpoint of the series) but it’s still pretty fun. Would be a good movie, I imagine, to watch with a couple drinks with friends.

  2. Giving this a watch right now… it’s not too bad but nowhere near as good or fun as the second one… I think it’s suffering from being made in 1990….

    • Yeah, the whole thing feels too much like it’s trying to be entertaining/silly than actually succeeding, for the most part. It has its charms, but, yeah, it’s a big step down from the fun second film.

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