Please Like Me – “Spanish Eggs” (Season 1, Episode 5)

The first two episodes of Please Like Me underwhelmed me – the characters were too likeable. Significantly, there was too little conflict.

How things have changed.

“Spanish Eggs” is wall-to-wall conflict. There were enough quarrelsome conversations in the half-hour that it might have well been an episode of Justified. Tom’s pregnancy scare turns out to be just a scare, and culminates in a “flattering” confrontation between Claire and Neve that ends hilariously. Josh’s mum finds out about her ex-husband’s girlfriend (apparently a secret), and responds with the utmost dignity and maturity … by texting vaguely racist insults to her husband parked down the street.

Please Like Me Episode 5 - Spanish EggsJosh’s nervous energy is on full display in the episode, and it’s no accident that his scenes are the best moments of the show. My favourite was his awkwardly entertaining bout at the footy, spent half-heartedly delivering insults in an attempt to get into the spirit of things.

Up until the last few minutes, I had nothing to whinge about… but Peg carking it out of nowhere seemed like a misstep. I loved her character, but her death felt like a contrived plot development for artificial drama. We’ll see how they follow up in next week’s finale.

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