Please Like Me – “Horrible Sandwiches” (Season 1, Episode 6)

Aunty Peg’s death was a surprising development at the end of last week’s episode of Please Like Me, but it served as a springboard for the strongest episode of the show yet (and, sadly, the finale of this short season).

Josh Thomas in Please Like Me Episode 6 - "Horrible Sandwiches"“Horrible Sandwiches” largely eschewed comedy to focus on the characters’ reactions to Peg’s death at her funeral and wake. The episode mirrored the famous five stages of grief: Denial (the bright colours, the joking around at the funeral), Anger (Rod and Josh’s Dad almost coming to blows), Bargaining (both Neve and Josh’s attempt to rekindle broken relationships – it was good to see Josh’s toying with Geoffrey called out as, well, a kinda shitty thing to do), Depression (best exemplified by the heartbreaking scene with Josh and his mum in the kitchen) and, finally, Acceptance.

Beyond this, it excelled at demonstrating the power of the gaping chasm opened when someone so important leaves forever. This emptiness compelled the show’s characters to search for extra meaning, to reflect on their connections to those around them and how they are defined by those people. But it was clear that the hole left by someone as memorable as Peg could never really be filled.

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