Justified – “Decoy” (Season 4, Episode 11)

Justified Season 4 Episode 11 - "Decoy"

There’s nothing like the ever-present threat of death hanging over an episode of television to keep things interesting. Every moment in this week’s episode of Justified was heightened, every line carrying extra weight, as everyone manoeuvred to either protect or abduct Drew Thompson, whose history was fleshed out as he was frantically ferried from one location to another.

There were a lot of conversations in the episode, in fact, with most of the violence threatened rather than inflicted (though Constable Bob’s encounter with hashtag personified, Yolo, was undeniably brutal). That’s what Justified does best – tense, well-written repartee, on the verge of becoming a gunfight.

Plenty of guns too, whether it’s Raylan holding down the school “where the astronaut landed” for long enough to spirit Drew away via coal train; Colt’s taut standoff with Tim and Art; or Ava using some well-timed application of brandy to pinch Kurt-from-Glee’s dad’s pistol.

Honestly, there’s very little to complain about. “Decoy” did enough to put Season Four on equal footing with the excellent second season. My only quibble would be how comprehensively Raylan and Boyd each outclassed Tonin’s top cronies, but I suppose we’re used to the superlative talents of our protagonists by now.

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