Please Like Me – “Portugese Custard Tarts” (Season 1, Episode 3)

Josh Thomas in Please Like Me Episode 3 - "Portugese Custard Tarts"The premiere of Please Like Me had funny bits, awkward bits, but the rarely the two at once, and suffered from a lack of conflict. “Portugese Custard Tarts” makes an improvement on pretty much all of these issues, with a throughline of Josh’s ambivalence of whether to come out serving as a conflict of sorts (resolved fairly easily, befitting a comedy where you don’t want too much drama getting in the way of your laughs), and a fitting marriage of awkwardness and humour. Plus, there’s a Porsche, and custard tarts, and old ladies drunkenly dancing around Josh’s awesome dog John!

The episode’s highlight was when Geoffrey came out for Josh to his dad (borrowing many of Josh’s best jokes from his live show “Surprise”). Speaking of Geoffrey, I really liked how the weaknesses of his character in the first two episodes became weaknesses of him as a person in the show – Josh’s perplexity at Geoffrey’s friendliness and uninteresting…ness was encouraging. The episode’s last five minutes were clunky, however – I liked his aunt’s supportive spiel, but the strawmanning of a local church as a hotbed of homophobia felt off – not every Christian thinks that being gay is the worst thing ever.

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