Triangle (2009)

Triangle is an atmospheric, unnerving puzzle-box of a film, chilling and cerebral. Enigmatic opening scenes scored with foreboding music establish a mood of dread, matched by Jess (Melissa George)’s deathly pallor and discomfiting vagueness. Flashes of dreams or flashbacks suggest a non-linear narrative. There are sinister mentions of Jess son’s…something’s off, and references to Sisyphus don’t exactly lighten the mood.


I recently went on an extended snorkelling trip with my partner, and there’s something both beautiful and creepy about the loneliness of being at sea, out of sight of land or other ships, with only ominous storm clouds on the horizon. Triangle’s early scenes capitalize on this atmosphere with crisp cinematography, capturing the glassy, austere beauty of the ocean (unfortunately compromised at times by cheap-looking CGI). The characters are engulfed by one of the aforementioned storm clouds, and abandon their overturned yacht for a seemingly deserted ocean liner.

The film keeps its cards close to its chest – half an hour in, it’s not clear if we’re watching a psychological thriller, a ghost story, a slasher or something in between; its true nature is unexpected, but not unsatisfying. If you’re after a horror movie that makes you think, look no further.

Rating: 181/200

7 thoughts on “Triangle (2009)

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  2. Good review. I’ll have to give this one another watch someday. You know how sometimes you stick a movie on in the background & half watch it? Well, I do and I did with this one. Oops. Not one where you can only half pay attention. 😉 I remember thinking – “Shit, that seemed quite good. I should have watched properly!”. Lol

    • Definitely a film that needs to be watched closely! At least it rewards rewatching (I saw it again recently and it was even better the second time!). Thanks for the comment 🙂

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