Life of Pi (2012)

My thoughts on Life of Pi are going to be very different from yours.

Life of Pi 1

This is true of any artwork. Art is subjective, after all.

Life of Pi 2

But Life of Pi is unique. Sure, you might be equally enchanted by the whimsical opening scenes, as young Pi learns about life and religion, portrayed with visual flair and gentle good humour.

Life of Pi 3

You might enjoy the second act, where Pi becomes stranded on a lifeboat with an adult Bengal tiger. You might find it tense, moving, beautiful, sad, funny. You might find the 3D effective, during spectacular shots from the water’s surface; or you might not notice it at all; or you’ll recognise the limitations of 3D to capture the sense of distance conveyed at sea, when the horizon should stretch to infinity.

Life of Pi 4

But your precise take on the finale, an ambiguous conclusion that recontextualises everything you’ve watched, is likely to be different. You might interpret it – as Barack Obama does – as an “elegant proof of God.” Or as a reinforcement of atheism. Or as nothing to do with religion at all. Your perspective will vary depending on you, and it’s a uniquely powerful piece of cinema that can evoke such varied interpretations.

Rating: 152/200

3 thoughts on “Life of Pi (2012)

    • I’ve never got around to reading the book, so I can’t be sure – but from what I’ve read, it’s essentially the same ending but presented more simply.


      Essentially, the second interpretation of the events is presented entirely in a one-shot monologue from Pi, and then the French-Canadian author lays out (too quickly, in my mind) the link between the second story and the Richard Parker story. It’s likely to bias audiences towards the Richard Parker story more than the second story, I imagine, but the second story still kinda pops (thanks to some clever casting mostly – Gerard Depardieu plays the cook, for example, so his face sticks in your head long after his brief scenes).

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