The Devil’s Candy (2016)

The Devil's Candy (2016)

Jono author picA good horror flick is metal-as-fuck. Tasmanian director, Sean Byrne, embraces this sentiment with a twisted, electric-guitar-infused follow-up to his debut feature, The Loved Ones. With Devil’s Candy, Byrne once again demonstrates uncommon cinematic focus, but the end product is not without its off-key moments.

The film immerses itself in alternative artistry from the hard rocking soundtrack to the bestial paintings of protagonist, Jesse (Ethan Embry). But, what binds these elements into a cohesive whole is the terrifically creepy antagonist played by Pruitt Vince. The filmmakers delight in accentuating his considerable frame with inventive filters and silhouettes (red of course). Some attempts to generate tension are unsuccessful but the plot works its way to a reasonably satisfying ending thanks to an amiable father-daughter relationship—it is easy to root for Jesse and Zooey (Kiara Glasko). Fortunately, Byrne’s transition to an American (Texas) setting is successful but his dabbling in super-natural forces feels tacked on. At least there are no ostentatious detours into B-grade CGI territory.

With some nifty performances, awesome soundtrack and a sure hand behind the camera it is easy to recommend The Devil’s Candy to discerning horrorphiles. Make sure to check this one out when it is released!

3.5 stars

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