We Are Your Friends (2015)

Zac Efron and Emily Ratajowski in We Are Your Friends (2015)

David W author picI’ve done a lot of travelling in my time. There was a lot of dancing, more music than I could shake a glowstick at, and enough glorious (at the time) experiences that there’s definite “nostalgia” (cringeworthy recollections) to be “remembered fondly” (blatantly denied). We Are Your Friends captures all of that and then some.

At its heart, this film is a celebration of music – EDM music. Whether it’s a track being spun by Zac Efron’s ambitious young DJ or poignantly scoring a scene, it’s invigorating. You leave the cinema listening to the world, listening to its music more intently. The story is easy to follow, and while it takes 20 minutes to fully capture you, thereafter you’ll be swept up in this simple tale of excess, passion, friendship, beauty (beautiful bodies, mostly) and drugs.

Whether it’s the exquisite casting, which creeps up on you, or the semi-surrealistic camera and CGI work, We Are Your Friends captures the ridiculous highs – glory and friendship – of partying, coupled with its resultant unavoidable lows. As Wes Bentley’s character so eloquently states, “You’re 23. You can’t even begin to understand the meaning of the word irreparable.” Not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, superb.

4 stars

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