If it’s in a Word or it’s in a Look…

The Babadook bookJennifer Kent’s The Babadook remains one of the best – and scariest – horror movies of 2014, with only Oculus providing any real competition (for further details, check out my review from earlier the year!). Halloween heralded both its home entertainment release and its international cinematic release, where it’s raked in much more dosh than its comparatively disappointing performance at the local box office.

The conflation of childhood storybook imagery and psychological horror is a familiar trope, but The Babadook makes the approach its own with the exquisitely designed yet chillingly creepy pop-up book found on its protagonist’s doorstep. Immediately after watching the film, my first thought was I want to own that book. Thanks to the power of internet (and the profitability of merchandising) that thought may become a reality soon enough.

The film’s producers have put together a crowdfunding campaign to bring the book to life. The cost isn’t cheap – $US60 for the book plus twenty bucks for postage – but for a once-in-a-lifetime deal that you’ll be able to show off to your friends in decades to come, I reckon it’s worth it. They’re about halfway to their 2,000 orders goal – why not help them get a little closer?

Order your Babadook book here. (Please. I want to own one!)

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