The Station (2013)

The Station (2013)Austrian creature-feature The Station (titled Blood Glacier elsewhere, which, awesome) tries to emulate the classics of the genre. Its first half is John Carpenter’s The Thing with a dash of Alien, as scientists investigating a remote glacier discover a blood-like substance that infects and transforms anything it comes into contact with into a bloodthirsty mutant, while the last half ventures closer to Night of the Living Dead territory.

The Station looks cheap to the point of crumminess, but it’s not like the films I mentioned above possessed flawless special effects, so perhaps we can forgive some unconvincing monsters. Or perhaps not. Director Marvin Kren and screenwriter Benjamin Hessler’s fervent attempts to emulate The Thing fail because that film was elevated by isolation and intelligence; two things notably absent in a screenplay that sees its characters at each other’s throats for no apparent reason. The disjointed attempts to tie The Station into global warming, or – most inexplicably – Egyptian mythology in an overlong chunk of pseudoscientific exposition don’t help matters.

Ultimately the film fails by striving for seriousness; it can’t match the titans of the genre, but with a bit more silliness it could’ve been a perfectly fine, if forgettable, monster movie.

1.5 stars

3 thoughts on “The Station (2013)

  1. I don’t like monster movies, really. And this one sounds bad even for that genre. And so I shall stay away, even if it someday becomes available to international audiences.

    Great work, Dave.

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