In case you couldn’t guess from the title, this ‘ere post is commemorating the completely arbitrary milestone of reaching 100,000 total views on ccpopculture.

It also conveniently comes at a time where my focus for the site is shifting away from fostering page views. When I first started ccpopculture, it was practically an obsession – I can recall regularly refreshing my stats page, and I can still remember the number that was my highest views in a single day for a long time (141). Much of the early direction of ccpopculture – my weekly coverage of television shows, for example – was motivated by which articles gave me the most views.

Nowadays I’m more interested in trying to write something good that people will hopefully share and appreciate, rather than something that’ll catch the attention of a random hopefully googling for the latest episode of Spartacus or what Gracie Gilbert looks like naked or whatever. My most successful day of stats – a shade over 1,000 views, which is much in the scheme of things – comes from when Matt Zoller Seitz linked to me over on Vulture, and I’m far more interested in that kind of attention than simply pushing up my page views.

14 thoughts on “100,000 Views!

  1. Adding my congrats. I regularly check your site, and you consistently have interesting, insightful posts. Love the 200-word idea; I wish I had a knack for brevity, but alas, I don’t.

    Also, awesome on Matt Zoller Seitz linking to your page. He’s one of the best critics out there today.

    • Thanks, appreciate the kind words. I’m definitely moving further away from the 200-words posts: they were mostly introduced as a way to develop my own punctuality and brevity when it comes to writing, and I think it’s helped.

      Agreed on MZS! I probably wouldn’t be doing this if not for his writing.

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