Underbelly: Squizzy – “Squizzy Tempts Fate” (Episode 5)

Underbelly Squizzy E5 - Gracie Gilbert nude with Jared Daperis

Some very NSFW thoughts on Underbelly: Squizzy (and newcomer Gracie Gilbert) after the break:

Four episodes in, I was wondering why I’d even bothered to watch Underbelly; the characterisation was essential non-existent, the dialogue poorly-written (and regularly ADR’d over vaguely-related scenes) and the action decidedly un-compelling. This is supposed to transport the viewer to the Melbourne of the 1920s, and instead we’re treated to poor CGI backdrops and a city so small that there are apparently only three cops and a handful of characters who keep running into (and shooting at) one another.

But … that terrible CGI precedes one of the best reasons to watch a season of Underbelly; spectacular, completely unnecessary nudity from some of Australia’s finest up-and-coming actresses.

Underbelly Squizzy E5 - Gracie Gilbert nude (1)Up above the streets of “Melbourne,” we’re treated to the glorious nude form of Gracie Gilbert (playing Squizzy’s squeeze, Ida Pender).

Underbelly Squizzy E5 - Gracie Gilbert nude (2)

After the ad break, they’re still going at it:

Underbelly Squizzy E5 - Gracie Gilbert nude (3)Sure, the plot is still paper-thin (Squizzy disappears for fourteen months, with Gracie Gilbert’s boobs the only reason given). The nudity is hardly revealing anything profound about the human condition. But the show is following the tradition of its earlier seasons (which introduced Anna Hutchison’s naked form) with some truly memorable use of the greatest special effect of all – an unclothed human body.

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