Homeland – “One Last Time” (Season 3, Episode 9)

“Clear Brody… what does that even mean?”

Good point, Saul. This kind of question demonstrates Homeland’s third season in its strongest mode, questioning the motives and decisions of its increasingly misguided characters. Despite an impressive, strung-out performance from Damian Lewis, Brody remains an albatross around the show’s neck, one that will – if this episode is any indication – not be long for the world. When “One Last Time” interrogates Carrie and Brody and finds them lacking, it’s good television.

For the most part, though, it’s a dry, drawn out slog. Tonight’s seemed to –in the immortal words of Buster Bluth – “get off on being withholding,” refusing to even reveal the reason for Brody’s covert immigration until we’re almost an hour into this episode, right before a totally out-of-place flash forward to “sixteen days later.”

What makes this Brody plotline especially frustrating isn’t the way that the show tries to mine drama from a character arc that’s well and truly ended, but the way that Brody seems so unconnected to the bulk of this season. The Javadi plotline and Quinn’s uncertainty are forgotten, and Lockhart and Mira are tangentially connected because, sure, why not, we need to knock that roadblock down. Meh.

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