Homeland – “Tower of David” (Season 3, Episode 3)

Damian Lewis in Homeland S3 E3

As a way to reintroduce Nicholas Brody into the series, dragging his grievously wounded body through a decrepit urban landscape is a memorable choice. The shots of Damian Lewis gasping for breath, his pale blue eyes surveying the concrete canopy are already ingrained in my memory.

Brody’s storyline was great in some ways. The character actors used to fill out his Venezuelan locale were uniformly good, and the setting itself was incredible. Seriously, the “tower of David” was amazing. The story itself is to be commended for not pulling any punches when it comes to Brody’s plight, but honestly I found it somewhat clichéd and at odds with Brody’s character. Is he so foolish as to expect sanctuary from a local mosque, given his status as a terrorist fugitive? Is he really so squeamish about death (remember he murdered that tailor? You tried to forget that too…)?

Carrie’s plotline is thinner but shows a similar admirable tendency to force these characters to face the consequences of their decisions. I can’t imagine these two isolated from the main narrative for long, but it’s a bold choice that is at least giving Danes and Lewis scope to demonstrate their impressive acting talent.

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