Justified – “Get Drew” (Season 4, Episode 10)

I love those episodes that end a good season of television; episodes where all the disparate plot threads converge, where everything’s at stake and you’re genuinely unsure of the outcome. This week of Justified wasn’t one of those episodes, but it was a damn good launching pad for the three episodes to follow. The great closing line of the episode –  “We just gotta figure out how to get out of Harlan alive.” – reminded me of Mag Bennett’s muted fury in “Brother’s Keeper” back in Season Two.

Justified Season 4 Episode 10 - "Get Drew"

Johnny Crowder in Justified Season 4 Episode 10 - "Get Drew" I mostly liked the episode up to that promising conclusion – the return of Limehouse (and the reveal of his true mercenary nature) was a welcome surprise, but “Get Drew” was at its best when it directed its slow stare at its titular convict-turned-sheriff. Jim Beaver delivered a fantastic, nuanced performance this episode as a good man, responsible for bad things, finding the walls closing around him.

I wasn’t keen on how the marshals ended up saving the day for Drew, largely because the character of Johnny Crowder does nothing for me, and his convenient confession felt like a lazy way to ensure that Raylan and friends could get to Drew at the last moment.

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