Please Like Me – “All You Can Eat” (Season 1, Episode 4)

Please Like Me Episode 4 - "All You Can Eat"Tonight’s episode of Please Like Me was the best so far. The earlier exposition issues have evaporated to leave a solid core of characters, each getting some good moments tonight. Any scene involving Josh was great. The endearing enthusiasm that characterises his live shows came across in the episode tonight; he had been a little muted in earlier episodes.

I’m surprised that the actor playing Tom, Thomas Ward, hasn’t been in anything of note beforehand, as he has a relaxed charm and assured comic timing. His indecision over how to balance his fledgling romance with Claire and Neve’s pregnancy gave the show a dramatic undercurrent to anchor a pretty lightweight plot. Aunty Peg is my favourite character, though, with just the right balance between bitterness and sweetness.

Please Like Me Episode 4 "All You Can Eat"

There were the occasional false notes. I was glad to see the show open with Josh breaking up with Geoffrey, an uninteresting character played by a mediocre actor, so while it made sense to see him at the end of the episode, I wasn’t happy about it. Mae (Josh dad’s partner), meanwhile, feels like a stereotypical shrill wife/girlfriend character with stereotypically picky Asian parents, and her brief scene fell completely flat for me.

3 thoughts on “Please Like Me – “All You Can Eat” (Season 1, Episode 4)

  1. As my second follow-up comment of the day – I never have room to talk about music in these things! – I really liked how the show used diegetic music tonight: going from a track on the radio to the same track in a club could have been gimmicky, but it was executed well and helped ensure a continuity of mood. Good stuff.

  2. I have to disagree just slightly about Geoffrey. I find him to be endearing and quirky. I enjoy his off-beat, over-the-top intensity. I think the character is interesting and offers something to the show. Other than that, I absolutely agree with all of your sentiments. I really, really love this show (even if it’s hard to track down episodes here in the States).

    • Thanks for the comment, Brandon. I definitely see where you’re coming from in terms of Geoffrey – I can see the appeal of an overly positive, single-minded character, but it just doesn’t work for me personally. I think it’s less the writing than the acting; I remember the very first scene he appeared when he was in tears, and that just felt false.

      I do think the character does interesting things for the show, as a plot device to enable Josh’s coming out and so forth – this episode I really liked how Josh seemed so dismissive of him then went back to him like he was a warm blanket, something comforting when he was in an unhappy place. So I appreciate all that, I just think the scenes where he’s asked to anything more than just stand around and look pretty don’t work (for me, anyway).

      I’m surprised that people have even heard of Josh Thomas in the States! I’d kinda assumed he was exclusively popular in Australia.

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