Soundwave Festival, RNA Showgrounds, Brisbane (23 February 2013)

Soundwave Festival 2013

Music festivals are usually a carefully planned calendar event: I decide very quickly whether I’m going to attend, then pick up tickets pre-sale. The 2013 Soundwave festival didn’t grab my attention when the lineup was announced: a handful of bands I liked but too few to justify forking out $200.

Fast forward six months to the day of the festival: “Oh, it looks like they’re selling tickets at the door to Soundwave.” Something just clicked – maybe it was that friends had picked up last minute tickets on eBay, maybe it was that I’d just been listening to The Vandals and was sad I would be missing out on seeing them live, maybe it was just that ever-present ‘fear of missing out’ – whatever it was, I was going.

One hastily organised ride later, I vaulted over a barrier to join the throngs waiting to enter the RNA Showgrounds, and ran right into a guy selling a ticket. He was a pleasant gentleman, but I admit to being stressed as I arrived at the gate with a ticket that, for all I knew, was a complete fake. My fears were unfounded, and moments later I was in the oppressive heat of Soundwave.

Read about The Vandals’ set here.

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