Bomb the Music Industry!, X&Y Bar/Snitch (7 February 2013)

Bomb the Music Industry! @ X&Y Bar

The title of this review is misleading, as Bomb the Music Industry! were supporting Melbourne lads The Smith Street Band (alongside The Bennies and Toy Boats), but given I left the venue before those guys started playing, I’m going to treat it as a BtMI! gig.

They put on a boisterous, shambling, living-room-jam of a show that I watched from the front row compressed in a human vice of sweaty flesh. I felt like a pretender at times, as I’m not particularly familiar with their whole discography and so was left to thrash about to the bright punky tunes while everyone around me was chanting along. The only songs I actually recognised were “25!” and “Saddr Weirdr,” which both appeared towards the end of the gig (and were excellent).

It was a fun show. But I’ll admit to wishing that it was more fun – the reason I enjoy BtMI! on record is the wit and personality that exudes from every song, the kind of infectious joviality that you can’t help but enjoy. I was a little disappointed that this wasn’t really reflected live in their banter and demeanour (possibly due to half their gear failing before the show even began).

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