Triple J Hottest 100 2013

Today is the 25th of January, the day before Australia Day – the day when Australians proudly celebrate the anniversary of when their ancestors began to massacre the indigenous population by throwing sausages on the barbecue and slamming down some beers. More importantly, tomorrow is the day that the Triple J Hottest 100 is broadcast, commemorating a bunch of pop songs that aren’t too “commercial” to get played on Triple J, voted in by an assorted cast of bitter hipsters and self-satisfied bogans.

I probably sound like one of those bitter hipsters at the moment, but I actually love the Hottest 100! Last year my partner and I started a tradition of live-blogging the day, sharing our thoughts on the songs that make the list and how we expect the list to shake out. Our thoughts get progressively less coherent as the day wears on and the number of drinks consumed accumulates.

This will all be at tomorrow. Our predictions for this year can be found here, and I’ve listed some highlights from last year below:

Jae reveals her past Australian Idol hookups

Our excitement at Midnight City cracking the top ten

Our derision of Seeker Lover Keeper’s wimpy folk-pop

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