All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

All the Boys Love Mandy Lane could have been an average slasher film, but it doesn’t even reach that benchmark thanks to a lazy, ill-conceived twist.

Sometimes twists can retroactively redeem a story, but in many cases a twist can actually harm the film that preceded it. That’s the case here. The twist isn’t entirely unexpected, and it isn’t a cheat, but it brings up more questions than it answers. Questions like, “What was the fucking point of this movie?”

It’s as though the screenwriter came up with the twist, thought it was great, and stopped there.

There’s also some questionable male gaze here, the camera lingering sleazily on girls undressing so overtly that the film could potentially be doing it deliberately – which would make a lot of sense, given the title. But the script isn’t smart enough to support this, and it just comes across as seedy.

All this is a shame, because there seems to be a number of competent people working on the film; it looks good, with competent cinematography (marred by some unnecessary freeze frames), and the acting is better than it needs to be. Slim praise, I suppose, but appropriate for such a slight film.

Rating: 84/200

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