Justified – “A Hole In The Wall” (Season 4, Episode 1)

“…Well, I guess I need to choose my words more carefully.”

Justified is a show that always chooses its words carefully, particularly during the tense showdowns that occur frequently on the show. It’s like a ‘40s noir film in the way that the dialogue is carefully crafted, the relaxed Southern rhythm belying the subtle, clever little jabs sprinkled throughout.

The care for wordplay is in abundant evidence in the season four premiere: Patton Oswalt’s bumbling Constable Bob posturing in front of Raylan, during the numerous Mexican standoffs (“You think this is the first time I’ve had a gun pulled on me?” “You want it to be the last?”) and as Raylan puzzles out exactly how much his father knows about a mysterious bag.

Justified Season 4 Episode 1 Publicity Still

I’m glad to have the show back. It’s not the best drama around, but I love its relaxed pace and gentle humour – somewhat necessary when a gun is pulled every fifteen minutes. The premiere introduces some new characters/plotlines but is in no rush to establish a season-long arc just yet… though I’m skeptical as to whether apparent new antagonist (Joe Mazzello) can live up to the benchmark set by Margo Martindale and Neal McDonough in previous seasons.

2 thoughts on “Justified – “A Hole In The Wall” (Season 4, Episode 1)

  1. Justified is one of those shows that I absolutely loved, but just fell out of the practice of watching. Viewed the first two seasons religiously, but then forgot to pick it back up. This post is a great reminder that some marathon viewings are in order.

    • Definitely! The third season is a slight letdown after the excellent season two; it’s still a lot of fun, but the writing is a little clunky at times. Still, there’s no other show that feels quite the same as this, as the premiere reminded me; there may be more powerful dramas or funnier comedies, but I don’t think anything has the same comfortable, enjoyable vibe as Justified.

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