Cabin in the Woods (2012)

Cabin in the Woods

The underlying concept of Cabin in the Woods is nothing special. It’s a horror movie that’s also a satire of/commentary on horror movies, but that’s not uncommon after Scream (and April Fools’ Day and Friday the 13th Part Six before then) – in fact, it’s got to the stage that mediocre horror movies can be identified by the leads making “cute” “meta” comments about horror film rules.

There are a host of differences, of course. Cabin in the Woods commits to its conceit aggressively, and is a touch more critical of horror films (and their audience in general) than usual. It’s also much more cleverly constructed than similar films.

But what really sets the film apart is the Joss Whedon touch, the screwball sense of fun, actors who clearly enjoy what they’re doing (generally delivering clever, lively banter). Every scene in the film is composed with the number one priority not to be clever, or scary, but to be fun and, usually, funny as well. The film is also commendable for spending the first half incessantly teasing a trip to the fireworks factory, then following through in imitable style, unleashing a whole shitload of fireworks in the breathtaking, no-holds-barred final act.

Rating: 182/200

6 thoughts on “Cabin in the Woods (2012)

    • Thanks for the comment, Tim – it’s one of my favourite movies of last year as well, one of the reasons I thought I’d write it up (planning on ‘best of 2012’ post once I catch up on a couple films I haven’t seen yet).

      Where are you from? In Australia it didn’t look like we were going to get a cinematic release at all – my partner and I saw the film at a film festival early in the year, and at that stage there was no plan for a cinematic release (even a limited one) – they changed their minds about a month later, either because of fan pressure or (more likely) because they saw that it was actually doing pretty well in the US.

      • I’m from Jakarta, Indonesia.
        Hmm … I wonder why they didn’t decided to release it in a regular schedule in our country …

        It actually got a first midnite show appearance during the world release, but then it disappeared. Then, when it was scheduled for midnite show, my friends and I straight away bought the ticket, because we didn’t know for sure whether it’s going to get a regular screening or not haha!

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