Tyler Touché – Baguette?

Like Lisa Mitchell, this is a song that I didn’t expect to like as much as I do. It’s a dance-pop song without a great deal of originality or depth to it, anchored with a silly vocal sample. But it’s just a really fun song, and unlike most dance-pop songs that seem to be entirely geared to the dance floor, it has a confident understanding of ebb and flow, making the triumphant, exuberant chorus all the more enjoyable. And that vocal sample – for once! – is perfect: consistently funny, joyful, absurd.

Tyler Touché was – with this song – one of the artists shortlisted for the Triple J Unearthed High competition this year (dude is only sixteen years old!), but inevitably was overlooked for the trophy in favour of the wispy, indie-pop female vocalist (Asta, a young lady with an interesting voice but mediocre lyrics). Unlike the other Unearthed High runners-up, “Baguette?” has continued to get a tonne of airplay on Triple J, testament to the strength of this song.

I’d love to see Tyler Touché place higher in the Hottest 100 than Asta, just to demonstrate that Triple J should maybe be just a little bit more discerning in their Unearthed choices.

3 thoughts on “Tyler Touché – Baguette?

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