Boss Level

As you might have guessed, my triumphant return to ccpopculture hasn’t quite gone off as planned. There’s a lot I can attribute that to, but my main explanation is that the cinematic landscape as it stands isn’t particularly inviting to a COVID-inspired funk; big brainless blockbusters are perpetually delayed and I’m increasingly not in the mood for sombre arty films.

Enter Boss Level. This action flick isn’t anything you haven’t seen before – think Edge of Tomorrow’s Groundhog-Day-but-it’s-action premise paired with an attempt to mimic Deadpool’s ‘edgy’ irreverent humour – but in these ‘trying times’ it’s exactly what the doctor ordered.

The story is paper-thin, but as an excuse to watch Frank Grillo murder and be murdered repeatedly in creative ways, it’s spot on. Boss Level features extended sword fights, helicopter barrages and a whole host of colourful hitmen and hitwomen. Sure, you’ve gotta deal with Mel Gibson, but at least the producers are smart enough to cast him as a sleazy villain.

Boss Level is easygoing, fast-paced, fun …and gleefully stupid. A couple of years ago I might have dismissed it out of hand, but after twelve months with nary a non-Wonder Woman blockbuster, a mid-budget simulacrum really hits the spot.

3 stars

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