A Month of Sundays (2016)

A Month of Sundays (2016)

Jono author picA boy’s best friend is his mother. Not exempt is 50-something real estate flunkey, Frank Mollard (Anthony LaPaglia), who struggles to come to terms with the death of his biological mum. But fate intervenes in the shape of ‘surrogate mother’, Sarah (Julia Blake) who offers him friendship and closure. Sundays proves a decent contemplation of all things ageing and disconnect; and I quite enjoyed the quirky script and characters.

The film is hellbent on dry-as-a-bone dialogue but it doesn’t quite gel with a plot that takes an age to get going. I did appreciate the attention to detail apparent in Frank, a finely drawn protagonist nimbly portrayed by Lapaglia. He is ably supported by a talented cast and I particularly enjoyed the cynical exchanges with his boss, Phillip (John Clarke). Moreover the central and unconventional connection shared between Frank and Sarah is endearing (if peculiar).  The lineup of veteran actors shine here and proves the film’s primary draw-card.

It is arguable that Sundays overreaches in its attempt at cleverness. Strip away the thin coat of edgy ‘auteurship’ and you’re left with a rather unremarkable tale of redemption. Nevertheless I enjoyed it. Aussie cinephiles would do well to check it out.

3.5 stars

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