Gemini Man (2019)

Judged as what it is – rather than what you’d expect – Gemini Man is perfectly enjoyable. It’s a stock hitman B-movie, with a typical arc (once amoral killer tries to atone for their past transgressions) taken from subtext to text as Will Smith’s rival hitman is …a younger clone of himself. There’s no big surprises here, but there’s enough spycraft and action sequences set against stunning backdrops to forgive the pedestrian plot.

The real story here is the tech. Director Ang Lee filmed Gemini Man in “3D+” – high frame-rate 3D. While the 3D decidedly did not work for me (I was plagued by double vision for much of the screening), I was a fan of the HFR. The action scenes are shot with the kind of military precision that really benefited from the crispness and lack of blur, even if it took a while to adjust to the computer-game-esque aesthetic.

Meanwhile, the CGI de-aged version of Will Smith is incredibly believable…until he’s not. For the majority of the film he played as any other character, but there are a couple of scenes – particularly a late one, set in bright daylight – where he topples into the deepest crevasses of the uncanny valley.

2.5 stars

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