Mom and Dad (2017)

Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad is what you get if you take The Purge – a perfectly cromulent concept for a bit of the ol’ ultraviolence – but ditch the feints at realism and overwrought political commentary for straight up B-movie absurdity. The Purge? Rich people killing poor people. Mom and Dad, though? Parents killing their kids.

Yeah, it’s a ludicrous premise – never explained with any diegetic clarity, beyond some kind of nationwide mania – but who better to adapt it than Brian Taylor, the guy who brought us Crank. Taylor swings his camera about with astonishing alacrity. Half the time you feel like you’re watching a masterfully crafted bit of art-action; the other half it’s a shambolic mess barely held together by spit, sticky tape … and the sheer force of will of Nicolas Cage at his most unhinged.

Yep, this is the sort of movie where Nicolas Cage grits his teeth, screams ridiculous dialogue, and gets stabbed in the ass by his dad. If you’re excited by the prospect of an over-the-top action-comedy anchored by Nic Cage, then this delivers everything you’d want and more. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, maybe stick to a polite lunch with your parents.

3 stars

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