Frisky (2015)


Dave author picFrisky is proof positive that making something like Girls – by which I mean a naturalistic yet comedic insight into young people’s lives – is a lot harder than it looks. Cobbled together on a micro-budget, Frisky aims for a feature length version of a Girls episode centred around two friends – Chloe (Claudia Pickering, who also writes and directs) and Alice (Monica Ammerman) – who move to San Francisco in the hope of making it rich in the tech scene.

Any focus on tech marketing soon falls by the wayside as the pair spend the majority of their time hooking up with random dudes while exchanging overwritten ‘witty’ dialogue. Despite the mumblecore aesthetic, Frisky never approaches anything approaching realism; you sense a genuine friendship between Pickering and Ammerman but neither they – nor their equally amateur supporting cast – have the charm or comedic timing to sell the dialogue.

Forays into the dramatic in the back half are even less successful. Having put serious effort into trying (and faiing) to establish an atmosphere of frivolity, attempts at conflict between the two friends come across as contrived. Most egregiously, Pickering inexplicably attempts to turn the sad death of a dog into ‘comedy gold.’ Girls, this ain’t.

1.5 stars

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