Not a girl, not (yet) a woman: Dakota Johnson and Hollywood femininity

Dakota Johnson in A Bigger Splash

Dave author picAs Penelope in A Bigger Splash, Dakota Johnson is enigmatic yet authentic, knowing yet naïve; a daughter, a lover, a seductress, and a child all at once. The role allows Johnson to undercut the cliches of Hollywood femininity: innocent child, sexualised nymph, or idealised mother. In projects like A Bigger Splash, television sitcom Ben and Kate and, yes, Fifty Shades of Grey, she pushes against these familiar shapes, revealing nuances in characterisation often absent from the writing she’s given. At its best, Johnson’s acting reveals the restrictiveness of labels like “girlhood” and “womanhood”.

Continue reading this piece here, written for Seventh Row’s A Bigger Splash week.

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