My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 (2016)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Steph author picIn 2002, the world was introduced to a family that made us laugh, cry and above all, appreciate our own family. My Big Fat Greek Wedding became one of the biggest, most surprising cinematic successes ever – and one of the most profitable.

The sequel is packed full of nostalgic references as it reacquaints audiences with the entire Portokalos family: from Gus (Michael Constantine) – and his crusade to prove that everything and everyone is Greek – to Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin) and her endless stories of health ailments.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 joins the current onslaught of reboots and reunions that long waiting fans are welcoming with open arms. As with the original, it’s written by lead star, Nia Vardalos with all the heart that fans responded to 14 years ago. Still, I felt the plot was a bit congested. If one or two of the storylines – such as the reversal of roles between Toula (Vardolas) and her parents – had been fleshed out or given space to breath, the whole film would’ve benefited. Aside from that critique, fans are in for another highly entertaining and crazy big, fat Greek wedding and a reminder that yes, Windex does indeed cure all.

3.5 stars



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