Space Dandy – Season 2

Space Dandy Season 2

Dave author picSpace Dandy’s second season keeps pretty well to the tone of season one – reviewed here – which means plenty of restlessly-creative, energetically-absurd space nonsense revolving around the most narcissistic, impressively-coiffed man in the universe.

If you dug the silliness of season one, you’ll be equally appreciative of this, though it’s worth noting there’s slightly more a sense of purpose now. The “screw continuity, let’s reboot everything every episode” approach gets increasingly less-subtle nods with the incorporation of multiple worlds and dimensions throughout the season; there’s even an episode that’s spitting distance from Futurama’s “The Farnsworth Paradox”, wherein Dandy and his crew encounter an endless stream of alternate-universe versions of themselves.

Something I realised catching up with the show was how its madcap pace and colourful style – this is a show where you could synopsis an episode as “Dandy forms a rock band and saves the universe” without blinking an eye – means that the slower, more overtly surrealist episodes have more impact than they might otherwise. An episode spent with Dandy drifting through the space equivalent of the River Styx proved my favourite, for instance, and an unexpected tilt towards sentimentalism in the final episodes works surprisingly well. It’s all good, baby.


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