Pan (2015)

Levi Miller and Hugh Jackman in Pan (2015)

David W author picI remember a time. A special time, when around every corner was another secret waiting to be discovered, another story to be told. It was a time that could never end.

Of course it did end. We grew up. Reality intertwined our perception and the tales we’d created faded into insignificance. Pan asks us to take a moment to breathe, to remember a world where glorious adventure abounds, death is ephemeral, and friends, courage and family are all that matter.

Levi Miller and Hugh Jackman steal the show with a vim and vigour that enables the story and demands your attention (Admittedly, towards the end Levi becomes a tad less believable, with the more emotional scenes feeling forced. And the scene with Blackbeard belting out Nirvana is …jarring, to say the least.)

The film is stunning visually, with the 3D and visual effects effecting a bombardment upon your eyes – sometimes literally, as I counted 4 times where I flinched back from the screen to dodge a piece of flying debris or gun pellet. Multiple nods to the future story of Peter Pan are interspersed throughout the film, and I left with no other wish than to watch Hook once again.

3 stars

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