ccpopculture Update

ccpopculture update

So I’ve been doing this ccpopculture thing for nigh on three years and nine hundred posts now, and – aside from a shift away from 200-word reviews and towards film – things haven’t changed too much over that time. That’s probably a problem; features like Critical Dissent and Double Feature have appeared less regularly lately and, in general, I’m posting less-and-less here. That’s a consequence of boring real-life factors: more responsibilities at my day job, an increasing emphasis on freelance writing and the low-key exhaustion/apathy born of writing about movies every couple days for three years straight.

I’ve considered the possibility of abandoning the site – to focus purely on freelance, longer-form writing – but rejected it out of hand. I want to keep this site going. Specifically, I want people to be able to use it as a resource for new release films … something it really hasn’t been lately. But, equally, I don’t want to this become a shell of what it was – or could be. So, my solution – which, if you follow me on Twitter, you might have gathered from my change in Twitter handle – is to separate the site ccpopculture from “Dave Crewe the writer.”

To do that, I’ve brought on some other writers to review new release films alongside myself. From today, you’ll be seeing reviews and posts on the website from other writers. For the moment, the authorship of ccpopculture articles will be indicated with wordpress handles alone – if it says “by davecrewe” up the top, that’s me! – but I might restructure the site in the future with bios and the like. You’ll be seeing reviews of Southpaw and Transporter Refueled soon from these new writers – let them know what you think and I hope you like the ‘new’ ccpopculture!

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